Internet marketing or digital marketing or online marketing involves the use of the Internet to take a business to its target audience, the goal of online marketing is to spread awareness of the business and its products and services over the Internet so that it reaches a large population within a short time span. In Internet marketing, social media is gaining tremendous importance as information travel faster through social media websites.

As an eminent Internet marketing company, MCR LogiTech centers towards quality and creative content for our client’s websites that attracts the attention of the reader and helps them share it over social networks. This works pretty well as electronic word of mouth information shared over the Internet through social networks, instant messages, news feeds spreads faster and resonates many times as they come from an third party source and not from the company or the brand. The results of this marketing are tremendous and end in earned media and not paid media echoing information about the business manifolds.

SEO Internet Marketing


We provide a better structural platform of digital marketing services to onshore as well as offshore clients. Our team of professional provides various online techniques that are useful in promoting businesses, products, and services online. In order to drive marketing performance by continuous increasing brand awareness and audience engagement, we offer digital marketing services.

Search Engine Optimization

We offer a wide range of search engine optimization services that provide solutions for a ranking issue, and deficiencies. We customize the services based on your goals and needs. We practice ethical and proven methods to enhance the visibility of your website from different search engines like Google and Yahoo. We are the best SEO Company that offers guaranteed SEO services to your business.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization allows you to increase the awareness of products and services. With the help of a number of social media channels as well as communities SMO service is performed. We try to generate viral publicity of brands and events. MCR Logitech leads the way in offering customized SEO/SMO services to your business.

Website Optimization

Our team of SEO professionals evaluates your website for search engine ranking. We ensure to analyze and address several issues like improper crawling and indexing of your website. Since we keep a track of the latest updates on Search Engine Optimization, hence, our SEO practices are proficient.

Keyword Research

We are pioneer in finding the set of keywords that enhance the visibility of your website on search engines. The set of keywords is chosen once we are done with in-depth analysis of your website. We ensure to keep a keen eye on the latest trends and valid competitions.

SEO Copywriting

Content is the King. Writing a unique and original content does not certainly mean that you have to put forward something new that no one have said previously. Instead, it should be well written, including keywords. The aim of properly inserting the keywords is to optimize the page on your site without anyone being able to tell that you have done so. We offer best copywriting services.

Off-page activities

We deliver all-inclusive off-page activities. We ensure to use some of the external sources with higher page rank for off-page activities like thematic blogs, industry directories, etc. Some of the activities that comes under off-page activities are directory submissions, social book markings, blog submissions, article submissions, and video submissions.

On-page Optimization

Our SEO professionals get into the coding of websites and optimize important coding structures to guarantee better rank in Google search results.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC Advertising also termed as cost per click marketing is an advertising model, which helps in directing traffic to websites at an affordable cost.


Internet Marketing


Search engine optimization is the process of getting a business website rank at the top pages of search engines. This again translates as enhanced website traffic and sales and thus has become an inevitable business marketing strategy for business owners. MCR Logitech has been offering affordable SEO services for its clients, helping them achieve increased traffic for their business websites.

Some key SEO services offered by MCR LogiTech are as follows:

Keyword Analysis

This is the core for any SEO management plan, choosing prompt keywords helps customers find a website and increases sales conversion rates. This strategy also helps businesses save energy and time and our team have the best experience in discovering high performing and appropriate keywords for websites

On-page Optimization

Our experts get into the coding of websites and optimize important coding structures to ensure they fall in the eyes of Google as a worthy and important website.

Off-page Optimization

This involves sharing and spreading information about a website over the Internet through a technique called ‘back linking’.

SMO Services

Social media optimization is important to reach a huge volume of tech savvy customers these days, our social media marketing services would link your business with the most happening social medium to reach a wide target audience

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC Advertising also termed as cost per click marketing is an advertising model that helps in directing traffic to websites at an affordable cost.



As a potential SEO Agency, we offer better visibility of the website to the Internet and social media users by fixing problems with website code, its infrastructure and problems with the navigation. This helps in improving user experience and website visibility at the same time.

The core of excellent SEO is getting the business more relevant to its customers. As an experienced digital marketing agency, we perform audience analysis and optimize our customer’s website around the customer journey to drive more traffic and real customers.

Our prime focus is on organic improvement of important pillars of a business that is its visibility, authority and relevance and helps our customers gain the best out of search engines for business prosperity.

Thus, we would consider ourselves to be the Best SEO Company that helps to enhance the brand presence and perception of our customers. We help our clients by spreading information about their business across a number of channels and strive to bring a positive impact of the business at search engines. This has helped our customers gain an n competitive edge among their rivals in the market place and improve on their business by enhancing website traffic and strike more sales and sales conversion rates.