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Customer Relationship Management Software or CRM, is software which enables organizations to store, organize, synchronize, and search records regarding customer interactions. MCRL IT Solutions provides best and highly customizable and scalable CRM Software so that you can keep an eye to your customer relations, which includes mechanization of your business rules and business processes.
Invoice Billing
MCRL IT Solutions is one of best “Customized Invoice Billing Software” solution provider. You can minimize your overall invoice pricing and timing. We provide Invoice Billing Software which supports you to track and manage your billing and also help you to create invoices and place orders easily to multiple businesses, store or send invoices after considering and calculating all the levied taxes.
Point Of Sale
From e-commerce stores to retail stores, every business personnel are using Point of Sale (POS) Software. It is simply a business automation to store the vast records and to manage the numbers of customer and supplier to place their orders via product details with the accurate cost and then conduct the financial transaction. Organizations can customize Point of Sale software according to their requirements at our company, MCRL IT Solutions.
GPS Tracking System
Sales Employee GPS Tracking System allows you to track your sales force to stop vehicle misuse, appropriate sales cost, track your employees. Track whether he made scheduled visit or is roaming anywhere else to increase the productivity and sales. MCRL IT Solutions is best known for the customized products of sales employee GPS tracking system where you can fulfill your need of employee tracking not only to manage your sales force but also to control unethical acts of your employees and assets.
School Management System
School management software means paperless administration of schools. The software is developed according to the needs of schools. School management software helps to maintain the data and records of students, staff and academic details of students and teachers and also other activities of the school. School management software have different features depended on requirement. Some features are Student Management, Academic Management, Fee Management, Library Management, Reports Management, Notifications and Alerts, Payroll Management and hostel management etc. Actually any type of data, information and record of schools can be operated in this software. We at MCRL IT Solutions provide best solutions for School Management systems. So go digital with MCRL IT Solutions....
Hospital Management Software
Today healthcare is a rapidly growing industry with high growth rate in terms of services provided. Hospitals have a big management system. to be managed. This may be at different levels and departments. Hospital Management Systems are highly specialized software to maintain all aspects of a hospital operations. This works as a database to store all information related to patients, doctors and staff. This help to manage availability of doctors, to manage laboratory equipment, to manage accounts etc. Hospitals can update the data in real time. These are time savers as well as smart in different functionalities. They provide a complete history of a patient, offers transparency and integration between different departments. Real time reporting is only possible with updated by using digital management. We at, MCRL IT SOLUTIONS provide all type of IT related services including hospital management software and other applications.
Online Recharge
MCRL IT Solutions helps you to set up your own Online Recharge Portal and Android app like Paytm. Our IT Company provides the solution for all the android apps and recharge portals. You can customize your own app with the various recharge options such as online or offline Recharge, Application Recharge, Recharge with API, Online Money Transfer, Prepaid, DTH, Bill Payment and many other features are provided as per clients’ need.